Monday, March 9, 2009


Total OOP:  $12.64

2 gallons of 1% Milk - $2.08 ea
2 dozen eggs - $2.79
1 gallon of Tropicana OJ - $5.69

The price of eggs went down - a lot!  Just last time I bought eggs, they were $3.49.  Now $2.79.  Same thing, basic old eggs.  

I'm still in shock at how low milk is now.  Honestly, I never really paid attention to the price of milk until recently.  I'm pretty sure the highest I have paid for milk was $4.39 about this time last year.  Then $3.99.  Then if I was motivated, I would run into Tedeschi's down here and it was $2.79.  Only at the New Year did I really think I should try to save on the basics too.  

By the way, I did notice that milk at Shaw's (Shaw's milk) is still at $3.69.  Even though the BJ's pricing dropped a couple times in the past month or two, I only noticed a drop in the Shaw's price once.  

And yeah, some milk is gone!  When we got home from shopping yesterday, my camera battery was dead and I just now took the picture.  We got home around 4 pm - and look at all the milk we have drank since then!!  It's about 7:30 am and my kids are still sleeping!!  

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