Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Doesn't K-Mart Like Us Pilgrims?

Really? I saw that a bunch of blogs were reporting double coupons this week. Now yes, I hate K-Mart. But I had it in my mind that it's worth almost catching a disease to save a couple extra bucks this coming week with double coupons. I NEED carpet and upholstery cleaner as my kids decided to puke and poop all over the house the past 2 weeks and I used up more cleaning supplies than I ever thought imaginable. So I have my Resolve and OxyClean coupons waiting to go - only to not see any mention of Double Couponing in my circular. In the past 2 or 3 Double Coupon extravaganzas - us Mass people had to wait until the following week to get our goods. So really, why does K-Mart hate Massachusetts? Or am I just missing something? Did I miss some fine print stating that there is double couponing that I just didn't see?


Lindsay said...

My stores are participating (Springfield & Holyoke) - Maybe it's regional?

BECKY! said...

Okay. I've looked through my circular like 3 times. I don't see any mention of double coupons. My local store would be Braintree. Maybe it's going on but just not advertised. I have no idea. By the way Lindsay - love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Not so lucky here in Toledo Oh either.