Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stop & Shop!

Stop & Shop finally decided to give us Massachusetts people some love - and 4 doubler coupons!  Check your flyer for this coming week (this probably comes in your mailbox)!  I was kind of sad and all...I mean, why did Rhode Islanders and Connecticutians have to have all the fun this past week?!  Well now it's our turn!  Oh, and I think New Yorkers got hooked up with Doublers this coming week as well.  I'm not sure about our friends in NH or ME.  

There's some garble about having to spend $15 to use the doublers.  I think technically, you have to spend $15 after all coupons are accounted for.  I'll wait a few days to see what the coupon freaks are saying out here in internet world.  

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