Monday, March 16, 2009


Celeste from Itty Bitty Bistro and I have teamed up to bring you a price list of what local supermarkets charge for fresh fruits and vegetables.  We so far have a good list of Stop & Shop, Shaw's, and Whole Foods.  Click HERE to see it!

I'm actually really into this for some odd reason.  It's a work in progress up I'm hoping to scope out Roche Bros. and Hannaford's this week too.  Celeste is the official "Organic Correspondant."  

Just a reminder, the prices I get for these items come from grocery stores south of Boston.  Prices Celeste gets are from the MetroWest region.  There is a direct link to this spreadsheet on the righthand side of my page under my grocery spending in case you want to come back to this at all.  


Kara said...

Love it! It might be helpful to "freeze" the top rows (that list the grocery stores) so that as you scroll down, the name of the store stays over its column. I'm a big ol' Excel dork. I spent too many years using it in my action-packed secretarial career.

BECKY! said...

Thanks Kara for that suggestion!! I'll have to figure out how to do that in Google Docs...maybe Celeste knows.

Celeste said...

Done and done!