Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Recap!

I spent $305 in February.  I spent $304 in January so at least I'm staying consistent!  Spending since 1/1/09 is $609.  By shopping store sales, using coupons and mail-in-rebates, I have saved $1,098 since 1/1/09.  

Things I have learned this month or taking note of:

-  About $15 of this total was placed on gift cards this month.  I wasn't sure whether to count these groceries toward my goal but I figured that even if I didn't have the gift card, I would have bought the stuff anyways.  It would be different if someone gave me a gift card to Omaha Steaks or something like that.  I wouldn't count that towards my spending since it's more gift like, but throwing a $2 loaf of bread on a Wal-Mart gift card does count.  Even if I didn't have that gift card, I still would have bought the bread.  I'm not running out buying Omaha Steaks!

-  I have a big stock pile of stuff that I really didn't realize I have.  Household cleaners, laundry detergents, diapers, make-up, hygiene, etc.  

-  I stocked up this month on some essentials.  Garbage bags, Sponges and Diapers all accounted for about $50-$60 of my spending.  I have enough diapers to last me through the spring (I think!) and I probably won't be buying sponges and garbage bags until the end of the year.  

-  I'll have to buy kitty litter in March.  I've found the best price with quality is the BJ's brand.  It's 40 lbs of scoopable for $8.99.  

-  I'm going to try to be more frugal in March due to a big birthday spending in April.  

-  I've realized we have cut some stuff out of our "normal" consumption.  Orange juice for instance.  I used to always buy it.  It's pretty expensive (in relation to other juices and liquids).  Bottled water.  I'm making my husband reuse his and use a water bottle.  Ice cream.  We used to always have a couple cartons in the freezer.  Now.  None.  I'm sure this will change come summer time.  

-  Even though I'm going to stick to "basic needs" in March and not do any stocking up of sorts (we need to eat all this Rice-A-Roni and Knorr noodles I have stashed away!!) - I'm sad to report we just used the last of our chocolate syrup last night and in our house, chocolate syrup is a basic need.


homeschool mamma said...

Two words of advice-do not buy the BJ's cat litter. It says scoopable but it's not. Once the cats pee in it, it becomes like glue in the litter box. It's so gross.
Also-buy an icecream maker. We just got one at Target. Really easy, less expensive and it's so good. The kids love making it. Only takes 1/2 hour.

homeschool mamma said...

One more thing-cat litter. At our Petsmart we buy the fresh step in the plastic container. You can bring back the container and refill it for $2 cheaper. Not sure if this is in every store but thought I'd mention it.

Anonymous said...

Becky, you missed it Kroger had their ice cream till today Country Club $1 half gallon and Kroger Delux half gallon for $2.

BECKY! said...

Thanks for the info on PetSmart Bev! I don't have any issues with the BJ's litter...but I think it's because of two reasons - I put way too much litter in the box and my cat is so lazy that he never "digs" in the litter box or covers his stuff up. He just does his business and gets out. So when I scoop - it's just this big old ball of pee sitting on top.

Marilyn - I don't have a Kroger here!!! I had one when I lived in Georgia and they were great!!