Monday, February 2, 2009

Wowzers! Check Out These Yearly Goals!

I have stumbled across a few blogs of moms who are also doing yearly challenges of money spent on groceries!  They have goals of $1200 and $1400 - for the ENTIRE YEAR!!  Wow!  I thought $5,000 would be tough to stick to so it will be interesting to see how these ladies do it!  They are both on my blogroll if you are interested in seeing their blogs - or you can click on the links here:

I'll blame the high cost of living in the Boston Metro area for my "need" to stick below $5,000!  Yeah, that sounds good, right?


Katy said...

Yo. That's CRAZY.
I think $5,000 is a very healthy goal.

Katy said...

Becky- I can't print this on my mac- but maybe you can- that means .99 perfect portions at Roxies!