Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have You Considered A Money Market Account?

This might be common sense or basic knowledge to some (but I don't know...so I'm sharing!).  Have you considered switching your savings from a basic savings account to a Money Market account?  Money Market accounts have a higher interest rate.  Right now, my Money Market account has an APY of 1.40%.  My regular savings account is 1.01%.  In it's hayday years ago, the Money Market account was up at about 5.5% while the basic old Savings account was sitting pretty at around 3%.  

Usually the only restriction on Money Market accounts is that you can't have more than 6 withdrawls a calendar month.  Most have minimum balances to open, but uusally you can go below that minimum (but probably have a slightly lower APY - but still higher than a savings account).  If you aren't dipping into your savings a lot every month, you should explore this option.  Sure, .39% isn't a lot - but every little bit helps and when rates go back up, the gap between the savings and money market account will widen.  Also with most banks, the more savings you have, the higher your APY.  

Remember to always check the fees schedule when opening new accounts and whatnot.  Some banks may charge a fee if you fall below a certain dollar amount.  Some have restrictions.  Sometimes the higher interest rate won't offset these fees - but every bank and credit union is different so take the couple minutes to read up on these things!

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Kris said...

Good tip, we just opened an ING account about a week ago. I think it's something like you save an extra $200 a year if you have $10,000 in it? I dunno, don't quote me on that!