Monday, February 23, 2009


If you are in the market for stocking up on winter gear for next year, check out Sears!  All their Land's End clearance is now 50% off the clearance price!  Toddler fleeces were $6.49!  They had twin sheet sets for $12.49.  Women's coats galore!  Like they were on clearance for $19.99 - so with the 50% off, you're talking $9.99 for a new coat!!  All Land's End brand.   All practically a steal!  Unfortunately, I do not think this deal is going on online.  

Also, if you are ever in a store like Sears, it's good to price check the items before you check out! I have an obsession with price checkers - I always want to make sure what I want to buy is the price I'm thinking I'm going to be getting (this prevents me from getting all heated in front of the cashiers - plus, my kids usually start acting up at the register so I'm not always paying attention to the prices).  My husband is the blue collar type and I came across a big hefty Craftsman jacket - Reg. price $99.99, on clearance for $59.99.  Not great, but I scanned it at the price scanner and it was ringing up $29.99!  The "regular" Sears stuff isn't an additional 50% off so I felt like a bandit buying this!  After I found that find, I tried my luck with some kids clothes but they were all ringing up the clearance sticker price.  

I got my Craftsman jacket (I bought a new one for him for Christmas and I think it was $74!!) and had hopes of storing it in the attic for next Christmas for him - but I couldn't hide my big bargain find and showed him.  Oh well.  By the way, that's not my husband in that picture - but wouldn't it be nice if it was?  ha ha ha!

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