Sunday, February 22, 2009


My "favorite" discount chain is having their "Double Coupon" extravaganza this week!  My K-Mart flyer is advertising Double Manufacturer's Coupons (Up to $2) this week.  South Shore Massachusetts here!  For whatever reason, K-Mart doesn't do national deals like this.   They all seem to vary.  Check your weekly ad or check to see if they are doubling in your neck of the woods. 

Although great deals to be had, I will be passing this up.  I've decided that every time I go into K-Mart, my stress level raises so much that my blood pressure is through the roof and it's going to eventually give me a heart attack.  The doctor co-pays far surpass any savings I would receive at K-Mart's double coupon extravaganzas.  Therefore, I will spare my health and let my devoted readers take advantage.  

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Anonymous said...

You are so lucky, my Kmart isn't doing this!