Thursday, February 19, 2009!

I ordered a gift certificate from the last time they were running a promo.  We finally used it and it worked like a charm!!  They are running a 70% off promo now by using the code PREZ.  We got a $25 gift certificate for $3!  The restrictions on the restaurant we got this time around was that we have to spend a minimum of $35 and there will be an 18% gratuity added to the pre-discounted check.   

The place I got our certificate from has FRIED SEAFOOD (my favorite!), a good kids menu and I'm sure something good for the husband.  If we stay close to $35, we will pay $13 out of pocket with about $6.50 in tip - So $18.50 for a night out with the kids instead of $42-ish!  Honestly, we pay more than $18.50 when we get pizza once a week (it's usually $20-ish since we have the need for buffalo wings too).  Also, I went through to access and they give you back 25% of your purchase price.  I think it's pre-code price ($10 for a $25 Gift Certificate), so I'll be getting $2.50 credited to my Cashbaq account!  $16 for dinner out for a family of 4!!  Value-tastic!!!

This offer expires today so jump on at it!  Also note, a lot of these restaurants have restrictions on their promos (can't be used on Weekends, minimum purchase requirements, gratuity added, etc).  So just read the fine print before you commit!

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Anabelle said...

holy crappola! I just got one for 3 bucks to the little dinner up the road from me! thank you!