Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bye Heather & Newbie Refresher!

Last night as I was posting, I noticed that all these people were coming to my blog from Heather's Blog - Living on $1500 For A Year (Thanks FEEDJIT!).  So I was wondering "What? Is this girl giving people money to visit my blog or something?"  So I go over there to find out that she was just on FOX 25 in Boston!  I envy this lady only due to the fact that I love me some Fox 25 News!  From Maria to Gene - and Frank to Shirley!  They are all awesome!!  My friend Christine can attest to my love for Fox 25! ;)    

Well anyways - Unfortunately, Heather shut her blog down for personal reasons.  It was a great blog and a great goal!  If Heather is reading this, I wish you the best of luck continuing forward with your goal even if you aren't blogging about it.  Best of luck to you and your family in the future!

If you are just some random person looking to get into couponing, I wrote a basic blog post about couponing a while's probably best to start there if you're thinking about trying to coupon!

Trying to give people the basics on how to use coupons:

General Coupon Tips

Here's a more recent post trying to explain how to do Shaw's Catalina sales:

Shaw's Catalina Tips

They aren't good but they might do the trick for some.  I love talking coupons!  I need a life!!


Anabelle said...

I did my first Catalina yesterday.. for a newbie, I feel I did pretty good. 46 dollars worth of food for 17 dollars :)

anyhoo.. i'm checking out Shaws flier that just came out today (eff tomorrow) and there is no Catalina. Is it not something they do every week?

BECKY! said...

Congrats Anabelle! Doesn't it feel great!?!?

The CATS aren't every week. Generally every 3-4 weeks. They are usually ConAgra products, Unilever, or BettyCrocker/Pillsbury/GM stuff.

I have found too that the week following a CAT is usually kind of blah. I think they want you to spend your OYNP coupons. Sometimes it's better to hold on to those OYNP coupons until the following week. They are usually good for 2 weeks from date of issue. Obviously though, if you need something, it's good to use! Just don't throw them away! It's like throwing away money!

Anabelle said...

ahhh ok... well that's good to know :)

I used my OYNP yesterday to buy stuff I needed. :) so at least i used it.

thank you all the tips! I was laid off in the fall so saving money is certainly a priority! :)

ps.. my captcha today is Butpoc hahahahahhaa