Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shaw's Stores Closing!

I was reading my Sunday paper today (if I'm spending $3.23 on it, I'm going to get more than just my coupons worth!)...and sadly, some of our beloved Shaw's stores are closing soon!  Thankfully my favorite one isn't on the list.  I'd be heartbroken!  

Taken from the Sunday Boston Globe:

SHAW'S TO CLOSE STORE - Shaw's Supermarkets is tightening its belt, and that could mean the loss of jobs for as many as 110 workers at its southside store. The store, at 2077 Main St. near the West Bridgewater line, is being closed for failing to meet business targets. The owner of Shaw's parent company, Supervalu Inc. of Minnesota plans to close 50 stores this year, including the Shaw's in Brockton and stores in North Reading, Westport, Conn., and Gorham, N.H.

- Steve Hatch

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Katy said...

Becky, It's probably our fault.