Sunday, January 18, 2009


For the gazillionth time, I HATE K-Mart.  But their ad is boasting double coupons up to $3 this week!  It was reported they were doing double coupons last week.  I actually went in (I think I picked up a disease just by entering that place).  There were no double coupon deals to be had.  I think I'm going to skip it this week just because again, I hate K-Mart.  

If you work at K-Mart or love K-Mart, I do not mean to offend you.  Maybe it's just my local K-Mart I hate so much.  If I have to tell a cashier that I do not want a Sears credit card one more time I'm going to punch them.  And it's never just a simple "Oh you want to open a credit card?"  It's always pestering and "are you sure?"  "are you really sure?"  "are you really, really sure?"  

Click HERE for proof of double couponage!

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