Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It wasn't until my first son was about 15 months old that I discovered the best place to buy toys and other junk for kids - Art & Craft stores!  I'm personally a fan of A.C. Moore (they carry a great stock of Thomas and Friends as well as Melissa & Doug stuff).  Almost every week, a coupon comes in the Sunday paper for A.C. Moore for 40% off one regularly priced item.  For the most part, you can also go to their website HERE to print one off.  

We moved last year - so now the closest A.C. Moore is about 10 miles away, but there is a Michael's relatively close.  It's been a hard transition!  Pretty much the same store but A.C. has more umph.  Well I just recently discoved that you can sign up at the Michael's website and they'll just email you coupons each week!  When I registed, I clicked that I wanted to be part of The Knack (a kid thing), and after registration, they emailed me 2 40% off coupons.  

I also want to point out that Michael's has some sort of Teacher Program.  The Knack Faculty

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