Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home Goods!

In order to make room for all your great bargains, you sometimes need to purge the closets, attic and basement!  If you have blankets or linens or towels you've been itching to get rid of, why not drop them off at your local Home Goods store?   They are accepting donations from now until January 25th.

Speaking of purging - remember how you bought all that soup because you got it for like 7 cents a can but you don't really like it?  It's okay to admit it.  We all have food that's been sitting in our cabinets for a while.  Or food we know we just aren't going to eat.  While you're purging your closets of old blankets, why don't you take a few minutes to clean out those kitchen cabinets and swing by your local food pantry on your way to Home Goods!  Don't worry - Shaw's will be giving away more free food in a few weeks ;) !!  

If you live in the South Shore of Massachusetts, click HERE for food pantries in your area.  If you do not live in the South Shore but need to get rid of your unwanted food, it's easy:  Go toGoogle.com and search "YOUR TOWN Food Pantry".  You'll find results.

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