Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Total Before Savings:  $11.98
Total Coupons Used:  $1.75 (could have been $2)
Total ECBs Used:  $4.00
Total Cash OOP:  .99 cents
Total ECBs Earned:  $4.99

1 Loreal Hip Eye Shadow - Reg. $6.99, Clear. $1.75 ($2/1 MFC) - the cashier did an override on the coupon so I could only have $1.75 off.
1 Kid Throat Ice Pops Things - $4.99 ($4.99 ECBs)

I had every intention of getting 2 of the throat things - but they only had one left and I just took it.  I mean, it was "free".  

Total ECBs Banked:  $17.99.  My husband actually has $5 ECBs that expired on the 10th but I'm just going to use them to pick up something and take a break on his card for a while.  


Heidi said...

The ice pops! Did you look at them? They're just regular old ice pops with Vitamin C! Hah! We let Chelsea eat one every day (if she asks for it, which she usually does) whether she's sick or not. Too funny.

BECKY! said...

Heidi! That is too funny! I didn't even look at them as I just threw them in the freezer and now waiting for a cold to come!

I'd be really mad if I spent $5 on these things only to find out they are Flav-O-Ices with Vit. C!! You can get like 200 Flav-O-Ice for $5!!!!

Zombiemommy said...

Shopping with kids oh my goodness. I end up going during nap time on the weekends or after they go to sleep at night. I can't concentrate when I get there with 3 kids pulling at my ankles! Because you never can seem to just run in ya know:)