Monday, December 15, 2008


Total Before Savings: $55.19
Total Coupons Used: $5.20
Total Cash OOP: $31.25

I went to Shaw's today, primarily for Rice Krispies and the Betty Crocker Cookie Frosting. They were out of both. I'll go back later on in the week to get them. I got some things that were noteworthy!

2 Fresh Express Salads - BOGO @ $3.49 ($1/2 Shaw's coupon) = $1.25 each!
8 lbs of potatoes - $2.49 = .31 cents a pound!
1 lbs Margarita Genoa Salami - $4.99 (.60/1 lbs DOUBLES) = $3.80!
2 Tropicana OJs - $2.48 ea ($1/2 Store Coupon) = $1.98 ea!
2 Nestle Chocolate Chips - 2/$5 ($1/2 MFC)
4 Goldfish - B2G2 Free @ $2.19 = $1.10 ea.
1 Kraft Shredded Cheese - $2.50 ($1/1 MFC)

Things I Needed/Impulse Buys
1 big Shaw's Oats - $2.89
Coffee Filters - $1.89
Shaw's Onion Soup Mix - .88 cents
Shaw's Sour Cream - $1
2 pkgs Shaw's Marshmallows - $1 ea

This was definitely not spectacular by any means. I worked the Shaw's circular more than coupons. There just wasn't much on sale that matched up to coupons I had (or things I would use). I had to get the sour cream and onion soup mix because we still have the potato chips from the BOGO sale last week and I've been craving dip. This is a good example how GENERIC brands are sometimes cheaper than name brands. For instance, Hood has a coupon out there for $1/2 Sour Creams - but at $2.49 at my store, even with the coupon, the generic was still cheaper. $1 for a medium sized container of sour cream is a steal!


Heidi said...

Just did almost the same Shaw's run. We've already had baked potatoes and I'm planning potato pancakes for tomorrow. I'm sure we'll still have plenty left after that for mashed potatoes or something! What a deal!

BECKY! said...

I was a semi-moron. Shaw's has a Margarita Salami coupon in the holiday coupons that were emailed out on 12/12 (

If you couple that $1/1 lb with the .60/ 1 lb, you're looking at a $2.20 savings on 1 lbs of salami that is on sale this week for $4.99. Don't have the .60 cent coupon? There was a $1/ 1 lbs in this week's Red Plum!