Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Christmas Place!

Craving some more Christmas spirit in your life? Well, if you live south of Boston, or up for a drive down Route 3, you need to check out The Christmas Place in Abington, MA! Click here for more details! This place boasts that it's the largest Christmas store in all of New England. Free to get in and provides entertainment for your wee little ones.

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BECKY! said...

I posted this post before I actually went. I did take the boys. It's pretty spectacular but not nearly as awesome as the Yankee Candle Factory headquarters in Deerfield, MA. If you're from southern CT (and grew up in the 80s), it reminds me a lot like Gloria's - but minus all the live Christmas stuff. If you need an artifical tree, they have TONS! I was honestly tempted to purchase the floor display of a 4 ft. pink tree. But I know my husband would kill me. All floor display trees are priced at 70% off and you can pick up between Dec. 22 - Dec. 24. The best part of a floor display one is that the branches have already been fluffed out so you don't have to deal with the initial fluffing out!