Monday, December 8, 2008


Total before Savings: $96.05
Total Coupons Used: $28.60
Cash OOP: $34.59
Total Savings: $61.46

I did Shaw's today because we really needed bottled water. The husband needs it for work as he's the blue collar type and doesn't have a water fountain at his disposal when he's 200 feet above the ground. I also needed bread crumbs and thankfully there was a good deal on them this week.

3 cases of Shaw's bottled water - 3/$10 ($1/3 Store Coupon)
2 Pepsi One 12 packs - $3 ea (2 $1/1 MFCs)
3 boxes of Chex - 3/$7 ($1/2 MFC)
4 2 Liters of Coke - 4/$5 (4 Free WYB 3 Chex's Store Coupon)
6 Oranges - 4/$1
1 Fresh Express Salad - $2 (.55/1 MFC DOUBLES)
1 pkg of Sausage - $6.04 ($2/1 Peelie)
2 Progresso Bread Crumbs - $1 ea ($1/2 MFC)
1 Keebler Cookies (the son threw it in the cart unknowningly) - $1.88
2 Lay's Potato Chips - BOGO @ $3.99 ($1/2 Store Coupon)
1 Jose Ole Taquitos - $4.99 ($1/1 MFC)
1 box of Candy Canes - $1

Betty Crocker Deal
3 Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cookie Mix - $1.67 ea (3 .75/1 MFC DOUBLES) - .17 ea!
1 Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix - $1.50 ea (1 .75/1 MFC DOUBLES) - $0!
1 Betty Crocker Frosting - $1.25 (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES) - .25!
1 Bisquick - $2.79 (.75/1 MFC DOUBLES) - $1.29

$2/$10 Purchase of Betty Crocker - so all of these items were .05 cents! If you want to MAKE money on this scenario, buy all Sugar Cookie Mixes, and you'll be getting those six items AND .46 cents BACK! You can print coupons for all of these items at and


Heidi said...

Hey Becky,
I went to Market Basket and saw a $3/3 coupon on a box of Chex (unfortunately, I couldn't pull it off the box to take to Shaw's). I went to Shaw's to see if they had any and of course they didn't.

I did the Chex/Coke deal anyway, and when they scanned the store coupon, it took off $5 for the 4 Cokes AND an extra $2 off the Chex (on top of the 3 for 7 sale price). So the total ended up being $5 for the Chex and Cokes! Sweet!

Now, if only I'd brought my $1/3 coupon, it could've been even better!

Thanks for the tip about the sugar cookies! :)

BECKY! said...

I think the Chex deal is outstanding! 3 boxes of cereal and 4 bottles of Coke (we're junk food junkies here!) for only $6! That's great the register took off an extra $2!

The Betty Crocker deal is a steal if you can print off a bunch of the coupons! Most every coupon out there doubles. I think you can make more money than just .46 if you work it.

Heidi said...

Have you made any Chex mix or Muddy Buddies with all of your Chex? Our Rice Chex only lasted a few days before I started dreaming of Muddy Buddies.

BECKY! said...

We are going to make Muddy Buddies tomorrow! The 2 year old saw the picture and keeps asking me. I need chocolate chips though. I'm such a slacker mom.

Heidi said...

Dude! You don't need chocolate chips! That's SO funny that you said that, I totally just posted about this earlier today. Check my blog if you want to read the details, but basically you can substitute 7T sugar, 6T cocoa, and 1/4 cup shortening (I used butter) for a cup of chocolate chips! (Cuz everyone has sugar, cocoa, and butter in the house at all times, or is that just me?)