Thursday, December 4, 2008


First let me say, I hate K-Mart. I hate everything about it. I won't go into why I hate it so much as I can talk for hours about why I hate it. I always say "I'm never going back" but they lured me to them with their Double Manufacturer's Coupon (Up to $2) gig they have going on. My total for all of these items was $6.66 which just further proves to me that Satan owns K-Mart.

I went there for packing tape and baggies. I got some other stuff too.

2 Ziploc Sandwich Bags - 2 for $5 ($1/2 MFC DOUBLES) = 2 for $3
Scotch Packing Tape - $3.49 ($1/1 MFC DOUBLES) = $1.49
Reynold's Oven Bags - $2.49 ($1/1 MFC DOUBLES) = .49 cents
Pledge Multi-Surface - $3.50 ($1.50/1 MFC DOUBLES) = .50 cents
Lysol Wipes - $2.67 ($1/1 MFC DOUBLES) = .67 cents

Before Coupons: $18.10
After Coupons: $6.66

If you can put up with your local K-Mart, it's a steal.

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