Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nothing this Week!

I'm sad to report that I'm laying low this week. No CVSing (there isn't anything good - unless you need some Maalox or GasX). I guess the Dawn dish soap is a good deal. But honestly, nothing is too exciting for me to go waste ECBs with.

Shaw's too is no killer week. I'm probably going to head over there to do the P&G deal because we desperately need coffee. When I open my last big can (I've been known to have at most 8 cans of coffee in the house!), I feel like I am in possible caffeine withdrawal mode.

The deal at Shaw's this week is if you spend $20 on P&G items, you get $5 off your next order and 5 free RedBox DVD rentals. The Folgers coffee is $5.99 but I have to scope out my bargain websites to see if it's the pre-sale price or sale price that counts toward the $20. If it's pre-sale (which I hope it is!), I should be able to score 3 big cans of Folgers for $17.97, minus a $1 MFC and take away a $5 OYNP coupon and 5 Free DVD rentals. Good enough for me!


Heidi said...

Hi Becky,
I'm sad there's nothing to report this week... between Shaw's and CVS the past month has been pretty exciting!

One request: I'm new to the whole CVS thing and I think I get the jist of the ECBs (buy stuff with coupons so that you get more ECBs than you spend OOP) but I don't get how you build up your ECBs without spending a bunch OOP to start out? Do you have suggestions or can you point me toward a resource? Thanks!

BECKY! said...

I think you pretty much do have to spend some OOP to start off with. But I try to tell people to wait until there are products that you actually use to do this. For instance, if you have kids, the Huggies or Pampers deals they have are a great way to start. Usually it's spend $20 or $25 and get $10 ECB.

I also remember a while back (maybe 2006), I bought a lot of Maxwell House coffee all OOP but I got the same $$ in ECB.