Saturday, December 13, 2008


I'm distraught because I did the Hershey's deal, but the $1.50 Lifesavers didn't count towards it. I'm going back today to either exchange it for a "normal" flavor or call the number. My cashier was a little clueless last night so the last thing I needed was to ask her about it.

1 bag of Bliss - $3 ($1/1 MFC)
2 Big Bags of Hershey's Miniatures - 2/$7
1 bag of Rolos - $2
1 bag of Special Dark Kisses - $2 ($1/1 MFC)
1 bag of Sour Gummy Lifesavers - $1.50 ($1/1 MFC)
1 bag of Reece's Mini Cups - $2
1 Chocolate Santa - .50

Total: $18.00 (purchased a bag of miniatures earlier in the week)
Total Coupons Used: $3
Total ECBs Used: $14.98
Cash OOP: .02 cents!
ECBs Earned: $10

I didn't actually get my $10 ECB yet, but I'm going this morning with the kids to straighten this matter out! My receipt says I'm at $18.50 towards my goal so I think it's just because I purchased a funky flavor of the Lifesavers. I have noticed in my CVSing, that not all the SKUs of certain products are entered in the ECBs promos.


BECKY! said...

I would like to apologize for my "clueless" cashier comment. Sure, she seemed a little off, but obviously so was I! Sorry Miss CVS Cashier!

Heidi said...

Did you already use the $3 off $15 and $4 off $20 that I hear CVS has? I used one of them with the candy deal today... I think they both expire tomorrow.

Celeste said...

I did exactly the same thing with not only the lifesavers but also the $4 boxes of Private Reserve and Soho chocolates. I returned it all and had to redo it. Annoying.