Sunday, November 16, 2008


Round 2 as I was going to Shaw's!

2 big packs of Duracells - $19.98 ($1.50/1 MFC)
1 Loreal Cream - $15.99 ($1/1 MFC)

Coupons Used: $2.50
ECBs Used: $20
Cash OOP: $14.14
ECB Earned: $30.99
Even if you don't have coupons for the Duracells - they are such a good deal if you know how to work your ECBs! I'm actually a little mad I had to spend $14!! It's worth it because this is overall a great price for batteries! Oh dear!
Also, since there is a limit of 3 on the Duracell deal, you can use your overage from previous purchases to make up the difference! For instance, in my first purchase, it came to $21.98. So with my second purchase only coming to $19.98, I still got my $15 ECB because the extra $1.98 from my first purchase put me over. Did I confuse you? Probably.


Celeste said...

I went in today and did the battery deal and then turned around (in the same trip and without leaving the store) bought the lotion with the $15 battery ECBs...with the $1/1 coupon it was FREE and I walked out with $15.99 ECB.

That was my round one.

Glad to hear about the overage. I was wondering how you got the ECBs when you only got $19.98 worth. I went over with mine so I will definitely do another round. Woohoo!

BECKY! said...

Ooh! You got guts! Someday I will do that too (I could have saved $14 in cash, but I was in a rush and too chicken to do two rounds without leaving!).

The Glade Glass Scents have $1/1 MFCs inside which would be good if you wanted to do more rounds of the Glade deal. I like Gl-day candles! They are from France!