Sunday, November 23, 2008


I had to redeem myself after my mishap at my first CVS trip! So while the family was out at Lowe's, we did a quick stop in CVS since my husband had his card. I'm much more pleased with this trip!

1 Maybelline Foundation - $8.99 ($3/1 MFC) ($8.99 ECB)
1 Green and Brown Organic Chocolate - $5.49 ($3/1 Store Coupon)
1 Gold Emblem Cheese Crackers - $1.99
1 Gold Emblem Pretzels - .79 ($1/2 Gold Emblem Store Coupon)

Total Before Savings: $18.26
Total Coupons Used: $7
Total ECBs Used: $10.00
Total Cash OOP: .26 cents!
Total ECBs Earned: $8.99

The husband has been "dying" for Cheez-Its lately. So these ghetto crackers worked. Plus, I think this might be the first time I have ever bought something organic! And it was candy! Woohooo!!!

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