Tuesday, November 11, 2008


(Missing the Water that I chugged in the car!)

I wasn't going to do the Candy deal this week at CVS, but I surprisingly woke up to an email with a $5/$30 in my husband's account email. So coupled with MFCs and Store Coupons I had, I did it!

2 Hershey Special Dark Candy Bars - 2/$1 (BOGO MFC)
2 14 oz pkgs of Twizzlers - $2 ea ($1.50/2 Store Coupon)
2 pkgs Hershey Bliss - 2/$6 ($2.50/2 MFC)
1 Hershey Pot of Gold - $5
1 19.75 oz Big Bag of Kisses - $4 ($2/1 Store Coupon)
1 Garnier Fructis Conditioner - $2.99 ($1/1 MFC)
1 Glaciau Water - $1.59
1 Listerine Smart Rinse - $5.89 (should have been $3.99) ($1/1 Store Coupon from Diabetes book)

Came to just over $30 (I was ready to grab a couple candy bars because I thought I added about $28.50 in my head.

Coupons Used: $13.50
ECB Used: $9.00
Cash OOP: $3.97
ECB Earned: $13.59

**Warning! The Pink Listerine Smart Rinse is not ringing up on sale or giving ECBs. The cashier gave me $3 back to make up for the ECB. I didn't question the sale price because then my $5/$30 would be in jeopardy. I could have done better if I got it for $3.99 - but that's okay. Be warned!**


pinupmomma said...

u are the queen

BECKY! said...

Want some chocolate? Heaven knows I have more than anyone person should! ;)