Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eating Healthy on the Cheap: Tacos

Taco Kits.  So easy.  So fun.  But they can make you pay more than you have to for a fun and festive Taco Night - both on the wallets and the hips.  So prep your kitchen to have Tacos on a whim any night of the week!  


-  Buy a big container of Taco Seasoning at BJ's for about $6.  It will last forever.  Or MAKE YOUR OWN TACO SEASONING.  

-  Have tortillas on hand.  Tortillas are a basic staple in my house.  I make a lot of crap for my kids with them.  Wake up wraps.  Quesadillas, Tacos.  Great to have for Tacos on a whim.  They last a while.  Soft tacos are healthier than the crunchy ones.

-  Instead of browning up a full pound of ground beef, use 1/2 pound for your family of four.  Heat up a can of refried beans for your tacos to supplement the beef.  Beans are healthy and keep you full.  Lots of protein and fiber in them!  My kids love beans - they won't sit and eat a bowl of them, but if they are in tacos - they are fine.

-  If you like Taco Sauce, you can buy a jar of it for under $2.  It will last a while.  

Voila!  Healthier, easier, cheaper tacos if you have the staples on hand.  

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