Monday, February 25, 2013

Make Your Shower Bigger, For the Cost of a Shower Curtain Rod

We moved here 5 years ago and the same gross, old shower curtain the old owners left here was still here.  Whatever.  Don't judge.  There really wasn't anything wrong with it - just old and gross.  The husband has been obsessed for months with getting a new one.  Once the tax return came, he splurged on himself and the family and bought one:

Not only has he been obsessed with shower curtain rods - but with curved shower curtain rods.  All the ones he liked were $65-$70.  Which might not seem like a lot, but for us - yeah, it was a lot.  So he found one for $35 at Wally World that wasn't half bad.  He bought it.  I hate Wal-Mart - but he went so I didn't have to subject myself to that.  

I don't admit it a lot (because it doesn't happen often) - but he was right.  A curved shower curtain rod is really awesome.  I'm really amazed at how big it makes the shower.  I had to tell him.  I mean, look at this lady I found on the internet with her curved shower curtain rod:

Doesn't she seem all happy and clean?  

So if you are upgrading your shower curtain rod - go curved!  You might spend a little more than a traditional one - but wow!  It makes a great difference in your daily shower.  

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