Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bringing My Cheapness Into Mortality

This is the coolest thing ever.  A Biodegradable Urn.  Why didn't I think of this?

My husband and I have difference of opinions when it comes to our bodies after death.  I want to be cremated and scattered wherever.  It doesn't matter - throw me in the trash if you want.  He wants to be buried with a coffin, tombstone and the whole 9 yards. We did not discuss this prior to marriage.

Anyways, I think it's a waste of space and money to bury someone traditionally.  This idea is cool though - they take your ashes and make you into a compostable urn that grows a tree!  How freaking cool is that!  No creepy cemetery for my family to visit.  No obligated flowers or decorations on a tombstone.  Just plant me in the backyard and water me every now and then if I look like I'm dying.  If that's too creepy for my kids, they can just go bury me in a park or something.  I won't care - I'll be dead!  I love the thought of repurposing my body though!

In addition, I'd love for my kids to take the money that they would have spent on a plot, coffin and tombstone and go on vacation or do something fun with the money.  Maybe it's morbid sounding, but that just sounds like such a better investment and more fun than a big wooden box and big stone, doesn't it?  

Now I'm off to change my will.  CLICK HERE if you want more information on becoming a tree when you die!

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