Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bargain Becky's Lent: 2 Hours A Day

It's Ash Wednesday.  I'm not Catholic.  But I married a Catholic so I think that makes me half Catholic now.  For those who are not spiritual, today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.

So devout (and some not so devout) Christians decide to give up something that they love or do or something until Easter (I think).  It's suppose to give you time to reflect on Christ and your spirituality.

Well since I'm only half Catholic, I've decided to sort of half-Lent it up today.  I'm sure this is not what God had in mind, but today, I gave up my phone, the computer and TV for 2 solid hours and just devoted myself to the house.  I'm going to do this every day until Easter.  2 uninterrupted hours of Homemaker Bliss every day.  I won't give up the radio though.  I have contests to win on that sucker (plus the funky grooves keep me going).  Don't get me wrong - I do clean and organize on a daily basis - but always find a reason to send someone an email or post something on Craig's List or check the weather or read an Organization website or call somebody or play Texas Hold'em Poker.  I can still do all that - just not in my "Homemaker Bliss mode".  So 2 hours.  Everyday.  Just me, my apron and Lysol.  And maybe a kid if I decide to incorporate him.

What did I accomplish today in 2 hours:  I cleaned the dining room, cleaned the living room, brought way too many toys upstairs.  Washed everything in the kitchen that needed washing, cleaned out the refrigerator, brought out all the recyclables, did some paperwork, wiped down one of the bathrooms, hid a bunch of stuff in the basement and ate lunch.   I usually do a bunch of stuff everyday, but scatter it around 8 hours of the day.  It's because I have ADD.  Not officially diagnosed.  But I do.

By Easter - my house better look like friggin Martha Stewart lives here.  Clean, organized and full of happiness!

What are you giving up for Lent?  I'm sure it's more meaningful than me forcing myself to be a better homemaker.

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