Friday, September 7, 2012


Oh snap!  Papa Gino's did it again.  They sent me an email (and maybe you too if you are signed up for their crap) for 50% off my total order:

If you got this in your email too - it's good until 9/9/12. Each email has a unique code so I didn't share mine with you - because I know you all be shady and would be trying to steal my 50% off personalized code.  

So I threw an X-Large Cheese and X-Large Pepperoni pizza in my cart.  Applied my discount and it brought it down to $15.  Then this friendly website told me that I had Papa Gino's loyalty points to redeem - so I had $5 in those in my account.  I was able to apply the $5 with the 50% off - so I got two hot and fresh pizzas for only $10.40.

I'm so cheap that I don't do delivery (it's like a $2 fee plus tip).  Heading out here to go pick them up.  Being cheap makes you less lazy.  I was once a pizza delivery driver - and I can say for a fact - there are a lot of cheap people out there with tipping.    

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