Sunday, September 16, 2012

Homemade Individual Piñata Goody Bags

For my 2nd son's birthday, I thought, "How can I set the bar higher than any Homemaker has gone before?"  It was like I was on a mission to be a really obnoxious homemaker.  The answer was simple:  Individual Piñata Goody Bags.

We got to work and we made 10 circular pinatas.  The theme was "Angry Birds" - so this was relatively simple.  If you need help on homemade pinatas, well I wrote about that.  CLICK HERE to get directions and all my wise wisdom.

After I had three layers of piñata - I painted them with acrylic paint from Michaels.  I did 5 birds and 5 pigs.

My husband is the true artist in the family - so I made him paint faces on them. 

Before long, we had 10 Angry Bird themed pinatas.

I cut two small holes in each of them at the top - about 2 inches from the center.

I then cut out a rectangular portion of each of them with a sharp razor blade.

I then put a pipe cleaner in my little holes near the top.

I tied each end of the pipe cleaner to make a handle of sorts on each of them.

I reinforced my knots with a little hot glue - then you can see that you can hold them and they would be secure.

Here is my stash of "goody bags" ready to fill.  They aren't perfect, but it worked.  Life isn't perfect so that's okay.

And there you have 10 homemade Angry Bird piñata goody bags.  

We actually tied them to my clothes line outside - to make them part of the decoration of the party.  They were a big hit with the kids and adults alike.  Actually, I think most adults were like, "Are you f(*^*(& serious?  What the heck is wrong with just traditional goody bags?"  Whatever.  I'm a homemaker.  It's what we do.

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I think they're awesome! I know my son would ADORE these - now we'll see if I actually make some!