Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coinstar-ed it Up!

I had a thing full of change that was just bothering me (mostly because we got to a point of stealing money out of it).  So brought it up to my neighborhood Stop & Shop to cash it in at Coinstar.

Wow!  Look at all that majestic coinage!

This is really fun for the 5 year-old to do.

And before long, I had $28.10 in an Amazon gift certificate at my disposal.

Coinstar is great if you have a change jar.  If you opt to get a gift card to one of their many partner retailers, there is no fee.  If you opt to get cash, you get slapped with a 9.8% fee.  Ouch.  Since I do a lot of our Christmas shopping on Amazon, I usually go that route.  

So now I have a $28 credit in my Amazon account that will come in handy at Christmas time.  Not great, but every little bit helps.  

The first time I cashed in my kids' piggy banks, my oldest son had over $200 in it!  You never know what is lurking in those change jars and/or piggy banks - so if you're looking for some extra cash this holiday season, you might have some lurking in your own house.  

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