Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthday Gift Cheapness: Using Credit Card Rewards

Duh!  It's my son's 5th birthday next week.  How did that creep up on me?  I started this blog before his 1st birthday - now he's a bubbly 5 year-old.  Not sure where the time went.

Well we're really poor these days (as always) so I'm trying to always think outside the box at these times on how to maximize money not spent.

I knew I had some Discover Cashback Bonus bucks - so I checked and was up to $120 in "free" money.  I could have redeemed this for gift cards to a bunch of places (which I usually do) - but I don't have time on my side so I decided to just head over to Amazon and buy some stuff there.

So I found a few things for him - then I found the grand daddy of them all:  The Lego Police Station at 32% off (normally $99.99 but on sale for $68.40).  My kids have both been begging us for this since last Christmas.  Since it's pretty extravagant, I'll hide it for Christmas - my 6 year-old will go nuts if the 5 year-old gets it.  It would be different if they both got a "big" Lego set - then they wouldn't really care who got what.

So I was able to snag some stuff for the son, snag a "big" Christmas gift and I paid $0 out of pocket.  Hallelujah!  Now if only I can survive my trip to BJ's for the party food preps with little out of pocket, we'll be okay.

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