Wednesday, August 29, 2012

White Trash Wind Chimes: A Craft

You can make this.  Yes, you can.  

I found a random piece of wood in my shed.  I wrote with a Sharpie marker (that I got for like 1 cent during Staples' crazy "Back-to-school 1 cent deal spree" that went on in the month of August) "White Trash Windchime".  

Then I went to a local park where I knew people threw garbage (specifically, kids/junkies who throw beer cans out their car windows).  I found a Bud Light Can, A Coors Light can, a Corona bottle and 2 nip bottles.  There is only 1 nip bottle on my sign because my 4 year-old took them out of the dishwasher and did goodness knows what with one of them in my house.  There is a random nip bottle hiding somewhere in this place and I have no idea where.  At least I ran it though the dishwasher.  

So I took some ribbon that I had and tied a piece to the beer can opener thingy.  And other strings to the Corona and nip bottles.  Then nailed them in said piece of wood so that they were all equal distance.  It's actually a very pretty sound when they all clink together.  

Then I nailed it into my tree.

My neighbors love me.  

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