Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Hearse = Tons of Fun!

My town (Weymouth, MA a.k.a. Money Magazine's Best Small City in America #87 for 2012) is awesome.  I love it.  Seriously.  

A well known funeral home held a completely FREE Kid's Day this past weekend.  They are really nice.  Their funeral homes are really pretty.  And I have told my husband that when I die, I want my funeral/calling hours/whatever he's going to do with me done at McDonald Funeral Home.  

Anyways - part of this free fun day for the kids was to "Peak inside a Hearse" - oh my goodness.  Awesome.  Fun.  Free.  I loved it.  Hearses are really nice.  

So if you're looking for something fun and hip and cool for your next party - find a hearse.  For real.  People don't know what those rides are like and they are loads of fun.  

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