Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thank You Old Navy!

Hit up the Old Navy Stuff your Bag sale or whatever today.  40% off your total purchase.  I did have $10 in Old Navy rewards that I was able to use in conjunction with the 40% off.

I got all this for only $26:

2 pairs of Men's flip flops
1 pair of boys slip on sneakers
2 boys bathing suits
4 boys t-shirts
1 boys long sleeve shirt
2 pair of boys athletic shorts
1 pair of "nice" boy shorts

13 items in total - so about $2 each.

Not too late to shop today if you are an Old Navy Credit Card holder to score 40% off!  You also get 30% off your purchase from now until 7/18 if you are not an Old Navy Credit Card holder.

Thanks to my neighborhood Hingham Shipyard Old Navy!  Great deals to be had for all!

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