Friday, July 6, 2012

Roche Bros.: Awesome Customer Service

So I'm really bad with time management. That's how I found myself grocery shopping last night at 8:15 with both kids at Roche Bros.  They were both wired and driving me crazy.  At least they weren't fighting and were "best buds" - but together they were just on this rampage of craziness.  So I grab the things I needed and try to grab my "free items" - so I went to get the bacon and they were out of it.  At this point - my kids are just driving me over the edge, so I'm just like "screw the free things - I need to get out of here and home."

So at the cashier, I told her that the bacon was out of stock and I didn't even check the other things because my kids are wild and need to go to bed.  I really just wanted to see if I could get a raincheck for the bacon.  So she was so nice, kind of giggled, called over some manager guy and said "This lady forgot to grab her free items, can you help her out?"  So this young man ran into the main floor - and grabbed the 4 things (and grabbed substitutes for the bacon and mustard since the coupon item was out of stock).

He seemed very happy to help.  Didn't snort or huff.  It's almost like he enjoyed helping me.  The cashier too was perky and happy.  She had red hair so we're of the same breed.

Sometimes you can't put a sales price on excellent customer service.  I sincerely appreciate the attitudes of these two young adults who helped me out.  I probably wouldn't have gotten the same treatment at other local stores.  I didn't even demand or ask for this guy to get me said items.  He just volunteered to do it.  Hearts all around!

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Kate said...

I agree, I love Roche for their customer service, they make it so easy sometimes, especially when they load your groceries. Glad they made your night a little easier :)