Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cheap Organizational Fix

My life is a cluttered mess.  So I'm on an organizational kick.  I am obsessed with Fly Lady.  She's great.  Chaos is poor time management and wasting time is wasting money people!

The problem with really organizing and whatnot is that I find myself wanting to spend money on fancy bins and whatnot.  I can't just toss around money right now, so I'm concentrating on free fixes for now.

Today - I spent about 30 minutes re-organizing the kitchen cabinets.  This did not cost me any money - I just took one tip from Fly Lady and flew with it - she said something about making sure your cabinet shelves are at proper heights for storage.  So I moved some of them to better suit our needs - and VOILA!  More cabinet storage!

Quick, free, easy fix.

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