Saturday, June 30, 2012

There They Grow Again: Today & Tomorrow!

I'm here to hound you about the Consignment Sale, There They Grow Again....again.  I submitted some stuff for their second summer sale.  They had a pre-sale last night for new moms, volunteers and consigners last night.  Today at 8am, their doors open for anyone who wants to wander in.  If you are interested, the event is located at Riley Hall on Main St. in Hanover (Google it - Google shall take you where you want to go).

I did not volunteer for this event.  Just a bad time with my husband's schedule and events planned.  So I'm looking at a 60% profit from everything sold.  I submitted about 50 things give or take and my inventory was $203.  So if everything sells at full price, I'll walk away with $121.80.  That won't happen - but one can dream.  It was actually pretty darn easy to get ready for this sale because most of my stuff was still tagged from last sale.  I think I might have invested one hour getting ready for this sale.  For real.

What did I do differently this time than last time?  Well I'll tell you:

-  I lowered my prices on some stuff.  Not everything.  Just some stuff that didn't sell last sale that I thought would have if the price was lower.

-  I discounted everything.  I really don't want this crap back - because it's all summer stuff and I don't want to hang on to it for 9 months until the next Spring/Summer sale.

With just the pre-sale from last night, I already sold $42 of my inventory.  That's pretty good.  20.6% of my stuff is gone.  I still have 6 hours of shopping at full price and then 6 more hours of half price shopping.  My goal this time around is just to get rid of as much of my submitted inventory as possible.

One thing that popped out so far:  I didn't consign any toys last time.  So I threw in 6 toys (mostly puzzles and puzzle type games that my kids have outgrown).  They all sold last night.  Full price.  Gone.  Wowzers!  I should have submitted more toy type things.

So go.  Shop.  Full price sale is tomorrow from 8am - 3pm.  Doors close at 2:45 for the organizers to make the shift to the half price sale.  That will be held from 3pm-6pm tomorrow and again on Sunday from 9am-12pm.  Just a note:  The items with a dot on them are items that are discountable.  If there is no dot on the tag, you can still buy it at the half price sale, but it won't be half price.  Does that make any sense whatsoever?  If not, well someone can explain it to you in better English than I can at the sale.

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