Friday, June 22, 2012

Cheap Summer: Storytime at Tufts Library in Weymouth

Weymouth's Tufts Library is hosting a Storytime every Monday at 10am starting on July 2.  This is a drop in event that requires no registration.  This is good motivation to do your summer reading list there.  They're giving out prizes and everything for kids who read over the summer.  It's in the form of a raffle so you might not get a prize - but it will help the wee little ones with their reading.

Also - you can register your child to have a 'Book Buddy'.  This helps your little one continue to learn to read or just read and also helps a local teen in helping your little one.  A win-win situation.  This Book Buddy program is held on Tuesdays - contact the library to set up a time for your little one.

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