Friday, June 29, 2012

Cheap Summer: Our DCR Park Passport Adventures

So I blogged about doing the DCR Park Passport program a few days ago.  My kids are on a mission to get the stamps in all the Boston Region to earn their free t-shirt.  I have to say - it's pretty cool so far.  Although we have spent some gas and time getting to some places - it's been a real motivator to get out there and check some new places out.  

We currently have knocked out 5 places and have 10 more to go.  I think we can do it this summer.  

If you decide to embark on this pretty cool adventure - just be sure to pack a backpack with snacks and water.  My kids are really into the "hiking" and "exploring" part - which is nice and stuff, but honestly, I'm not really a crunchy, "let's go on a hike" type of person.  I guess I'm becoming one of them - but I refuse - REFUSE to start packing granola.  That's just too crunchy for me.  

If you want to see my original post on the DCR Park Program, CLICK THIS LINK HERE.  

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