Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why I Love Underachievers (and further proof as to why I hate the Boston Red Sox)

Recently, our family visited the Pawtucket Red Sox.  Let's give a big Holla for our friends out in Rhode Island!  Why was this experience a good one?  Because of the price, of course!

I reserved a library pass which allowed us to get 4 tickets for $18 (or $4.50 a ticket).  Since the place was pretty dead, we got to move up and have pretty decent seats.  Had we gone to a Boston Red Sox game, similar seats would have cost us $396 ($99 a ticket).

We got free parking in Pawtucket.  Had we gone to Boston, we probably would have taken the T, which would have cost us $7 to park at the T station about about $8 for both the husband and I to ride back and forth (kids are free on the T).  So $15 for transportation.  But to keep it even with Pawtucket, it would cost about $30 to park in the city.

Hot Dogs at Pawtucket were $2.50 each.  They are $7 in Boston.

A soda cost me $2.50 in Pawtucket.  We got 2.  I can only assume this would cost about $4 or more at Fenway.

We got 2 hot cocoas for the kids at $1.50 each.  Again, not sure if Fenway even sells hot cocoa and if they did, it would probably be $3 or more.

Total cost of our Minor League excursion:  $36 

Total approximate cost had we gone to Boston:  $468

Picking Minor League over Major League is an approximate savings of 92%.

There are Minor League teams all over Massachusetts to enjoy baseball fun, but at reasonable prices:

Lowell Spinners
Brockton Rox
Pittsfield Colonials
Worcester Tornados

If you are near the Cape or will be traveling there this summer, the Cape Cod Baseball League provides FREE games!  For real.  They ask for donations, so yeah, throw a few bucks in there.

There is also the New England Collegiate Baseball League.  I think their games are free.  My heart belongs to the Keene Swampbats.

So go!  Support the underachievers - your wallet will thank you.

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