Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Plan an At Home Party

Well it's the first week of March - which means I have one month to plan a birthday party for my oldest son.  I'm like Martha Stewart's white trash niece.  Thanks to Pinterest and having almost 6 years of "homemaker-ness" under my belt, I'm coming up with some killer ideas for the son's 6th birthday.  We're going to attempt a house party - because with our ideas, we can't go any place.  My only wish is that God gives us a rain-free April 7th.

I've done some white-trashy parties before.  In fact, three years ago, I blogged about a Dinosaur Party that I had for my then 2 year-old.  So a lot of my "money saving" posts this month might be birthday based.  If I can actually remember to do them.

So what's your take?  You think at home parties are more frugal than going some place?  I'd like to think they are - but I usually end up getting all excited and carried away and buy way too much crap.  I can't help it though - I dig it.  If you don't get all giddy and shopaholic like me, they can be a very frugal option for Little Johnny.

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