Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Check for Meat Peelies!

What are meat peelies, you ask?  They are the coupons that the butchers put on meat that is going to expire that day or the next day.  Some meat with these look gross.  Some meat is phenomenal.  

The key to really save with meat peelies is to find them on cuts of meat that are on sale that week.  See that picture?  Normally, that pork package would be $5.44.  It's on sale this week for $3.47.  Then the butcher slapped on a $1 off - making the package $2.47.  

My best meat peelie find was a package of pork chops that were on sale for $2.15.  The butcher slapped on a $2 off peelie.  .15 cents for some pork chops.  I made 8 individual meals with that .15 cents worth of pork.  NO REALLY I DID.  CLICK HERE TO SEE IT.  

Who doesn't love cheap meat?

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