Friday, February 17, 2012

"Organizing My Crap": Learn to Accept Your House Won't Look Like a Pinterest Pin

I love Pinterest.  It's a like a la-la dream for homemakers.  But after spending 20 minutes looking through the various pins of great ideas for your home, an element of "What the....who's house REALLY looks like this?" sinks in.

This came to light when I started to "make-over" one of my attic closets.  Now I'm lucky - I have a full walk up attic that is "mostly finished" But it was finished in the 70s so it's chock full o' wood paneling and textured paint.  One of my closets was just a catch all for crap the past 4 years.  The insulation started falling down and I started to have little black insulation bunnies all over my assorted crap.  So I pulled all the crap out of it and fixed that crap:

So all that insulation was falling down.  I bought 6mm sheeting and sucked that crap back into place.  This closet is floored with a plethora of random vinyl remnants from past kitchen renovations.  I don't have the heart to replace it.  

While cleaning out this closet, I found about 50 white painted bricks and some wood.  I could have thrown them away, but I decided to make a makeshift bookcase out of it.  I'm so ghetto, I love it:

I also went through the 3 dilapidated bags I had of gift boxes and gift bags. I put the gift boxes on the next shelf of my bookcase and organized my gift bags by size.  

Now, if I need a gift bag, I can just go in here and pick one out.  I wish I could say I did something really fancy with it, but nope.  Just went down to the basement and grabbed 3 3" nails my husband had in a box:

Voila.  Instant hooks.  Sometimes, basic is key.  

I'm just excited that I have a closet up here where I can actually walk-in without disturbing the insulation and everything is actually in order in there.  1 of 8 attic closets down - 7 more to go.  Then I have to tackle the actual attic.  And the living spaces.  I better get a move on.


CheapbyChoice said...

It may not look like Pinterest, but it looks like home!

Casey said...

IT works, you go girl.