Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Organizing My Crap": Face Reality - You Aren't Going To Wear That

This is a HORRIBLE picture.  Most of my pictures are.  Well anyways - we've lived in our home for just over 4 years now.  I have this shoe rack on a closet door in my attic.  I also have a bunch of clothes there that have been there for probably about the same 4 years.  

Yesterday morning, I did a quick sweep and really focused my head and thought "Really, are you REALLY going to wear those lime green shoes ever again?"  And again, and again for all that crap up there.  

After about 6 minutes, I had a garbage bag full of shoes (8 pairs) and a garbage bag full of clothes (you can't really see the dent in this "after" picture - but you can see my shoe rack is mostly empty).  

Now what I did differently - RIGHT AWAY, I put these two bags in my car.  When I went to drop off son #1 at school, myself & son #2 made a quick stop to Goodwill in Quincy.  I gave those suckers away right away. Usually in the past, I would gather stuff to "donate" and then the crap would just sit there and sit there and then I'd forget why it's even there.  I can be really lazy at times.  

It felt great to get rid of those two bags of clothes.  BONUS:  If you donate to Goodwill, they'll give you a donation receipt.  

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Katidids said...

Smart taking them right away, I set a bag aside and fill it then freecycle. I've caught myself digging things back out thinking I can use those as garden clothes...only to realize i have an entire draw or those already