Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Organizing My Crap": Decorate With Your Random Crap

About two years ago, a family friend (who is a "bat man") came on over and "bat-proofed" our house.  He just added flashing all over the roof line and caulked the corners and whatnot.  He went up to the eves of our attic to check if there were any gaps, and low and behold - he found a bunch of books there!

They all have copyrights of 1909-1914.  Some have some writings in them.  I just had them up in my attic since they were found, but I decided to change around our motif in the living room a little and put them out for display.  

I also found this really old picture.  I have no idea who it is - but I think she's related to me in some odd way.  So if you're looking for a change, look through your closets, attic & basement - you might find some wonderful treasures that you forgot you owned.  

You will not find my decorating style on Pinterest.  Unless "Ghetto Fabulous" comes into style.

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GG said...

You'll have to give your new photo a name and story. Remember how we had "Joe" for all those years?