Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 59

Got oil yesterday.  A basic essential for functioning.  $855 later, I was motivated to not spend any money.  With this winter, we should be good until about September or October without buying another tank.

Buying oil sucks.  I guess there is no way to get around spending money on heat for your home.  Most people I know talk about great credit plans or monthly payment plans they use with oil, but we've never done that.  We have a "discount" oil guy and he only accepts cash or check.  He's not shady - just small business.  No credit cards, no payment plans - but his rates are always really low compared to what's out there.  He's also really friendly and great about coming the next day when I call.  Which is good for me - because I always wait until that sucker is on Empty to call.  He knows me as "the girls who just fills the empty tank". That's so sweet that he remembers me.  Apparently, he told me, most people don't wait until the tank is almost all gone to call for oil.  Someday I'll become more responsible.  Today's not that day.

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