Thursday, February 16, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 46

Went a little "wild" yesterday.  Spent $40 at Lowe's and $12 at the Dolla.  Holla for the Dolla!

I'm took on a little home improvement project on as a homemaker:  Fixing the insulation in our attic.  My husband came home and in his usual husband self, was like "Why are you cleaning the attic when our normal house looks like crap?"  My answer:  "Because I need a good storage base!"  So my mission is to organize the crap out of my attic.  A roll of insulation set me back $13 and some plastic sheeting was $25.  He also told me he could have stolen that from work - but I don't condone that type of behavior.  Shame on him!

My son is also set on having a Smurf party for his 6th birthday coming up.  One year, I waited until the week before to pick up the "color motif" at our local Dollar Tree - and they didn't have the proper colors I was looking for.  So since it was the day after Valentine's Day - I figured their blue dinnerware was in high stock.  So blue plates & blue napkins are mine!  I also picked up some glue sticks as one of the son's classroom was looking for glue stick donations.

Now I'm off to continue on my attic.

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