Thursday, February 9, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 39

Still trucking.  No material possessions and no significant amount of money spent.  Dropped $6.34 at Dunkin Donuts to give some hot chocolate to some random people up the street.  Really.  I did.  There's actually a new business going into a shop on 3A in North Weymouth.  It's going to be a pet shop.  So there's these two guys who are painting this insane mural on the exterior of the  building and inside.  They were out painting around 9pm, so I figured I'd get them a drink and tell them I think they're art work is awesome.  I do weird things like this because I'm weird.  $6 to spread some love is okay.  I'm really not a nice person though, so don't think I'm getting all sappy in my old age.

That is all.

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